My mood diary 7. -- My matter of primary importance is: Knowledge.The knowledge does not have the concrete question, but is, when you are tasteless, is pitiful, when considered frequently, a good friend, follows you to pass sadly. Its strength very very very very is very 酒店工作very greatly infinite, the supernatural strength is boundless, my important question is a knowledge.Then, how does the knowledge need to obtain? The knowledge acquisition is the urgent matter accepts the research, only then has the research, possibly masters the 房地產knowledge. The research way has many, but by studies is the simple, studies the way directly.The observation, the exploration, as a result of the writing, the knowledge is omnipresent, may, consider, perhaps the network search, also accepts and instructed.The knowledge, 買屋網has it to let me have the sense of achievement very much, this is the knowledge use and the advantage.The knowledge was from the childhood to old, might study, moreover some knowledge in the change, the use network might also, be possible to let us momentarily search for 買房子consult the new knowledge.In brief, in my mind the most important matter is, I hoped that absorbs the new knowledge, becomes has the knowledge, the use knowledge.

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